What Mask Will YOU Be Wearing This Halloween?

At Head To Toe, I can always tell that FALL is in full-swing. There are several clues:

  • There are a lot more birds than usual at my bird feeders, filling their beaks (and bellies) in preparation for their migration to warmer climates;
  • Pumpkins, mums, and scarecrows have taken the place of warm-weather plants on porches, in planting beds, and at landscaping centers;
  • Costumes (including a variety of masks) pack the aisles at the local shopping centers;
  • And my clients say their skin feels dry, their products don’t work as well as they did a few weeks ago, and they need a “pick-me-up.”

My answer to those frustrated clients is that the change in weather can wreak havoc on their skin. Seasonal changes in temperature, humidity, even sun exposure, can change the look and feel of your skin, and even change the way you wear your cosmetics!

To fix the problems, I assess their specific situation, including their skin type and what products they’re currently using. I’ll recommend a facial and skincare treatment that includes hydrafacial (to cleanse pores and hydrate the skin), dermaplaning (to remove dead skin cells and fine hairs on the skin’s surface)… and I will suggest a MASK.

Don’t worry, it’s not the same kind of mask your kids will be wearing for Trick or Treat. You’re not covering up your skin; you’re helping it deal with the change of season by giving it the nutrients and pampering it needs to look and feel its best (think of it as the goodie bag, without all the sugar and calories!)

To treat oily skin, I’ll use a mask that draws out impurities. For dry or flaky skin, you need a mask that adds moisture. And for red, irritated, or sensitive skin, we’ll work with one that soothes irritation and makes your skin feel smooth and comfortable.

And for those of you who love your Pumpkin Spice everything this time of year, I even have a Pumpkin mask, so you can treat your skin to the same enjoyment you give your taste buds!

It’s no Trick. Treat yourself to pampering at Head To Toe by Arlene today, so that your skin’s response to the change of seasons isn’t so scary.

Call 404-218-0518 or visit Head2ToebyArlene.com. Appointments available at our Marietta and Roswell locations.

See you at the spa, dah-ling!