Needling & Peels for A Happy New Year

Ask anyone what they want “more”of in their lives, and they’ll probably tell you either “money” or “time.”

Well, we can’t help you with your finances, but did you know that you’re getting an extra second before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve this year? That’s right! Known as a “Leap Second,” the world’s official time-keepers will be adding one second to the last day of this year.

What does that have to do with Head To Toe, you might ask. Well, our fabulous spa does a lot to hold back the hands of time every day, with the latest skin care treatments and technology to keep you looking andfeeling younger, and actually reversing the effects of aging without surgery!


When the holidays are over, the last thing you want to hear about is “needles.” (Seems like those pesky things multiply and stick around for months, don’t they?). But when the effects of our needling linger, it’s cause for celebration, since your skin is firmer with fewer wrinkles or acne scars than when you started.

When skin is damaged, it sends collagen to the affected areas. During a needling treatment, we target a specific area with “controlled trauma,” which stimulates collagen production, reduces sagging, minimizes wrinkles, and corrects acne scarring by activating your skin’s natural healing ability.


A peel removes the top layer of skin, where dirt, toxins, dead skin, and more from the surface of your skin. This process also encourages the production of collagen and elastin, which make the skin naturally firmer and plumper – for a naturally more youthful look.

The extra second on New Year’s Eve is a big deal for most of the world, but let’s face it – it lasts a second! When you visit Head To Toe by Arlene for a Needling & Peel Treatment, the effects last a lot longer, and you’ll look like you’ve not only stopped the clock, but turned it back!

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See you at the spa, dah-ling!