The Secret To A Youthful Life – by Head To Toe

One of the most beneficial things a woman can do for herself is to take care of herself so that she feels confident and beautiful at every stage of her life. Self-care and confidence – not perfection – are the keys to beauty. After all, what is perfection?

At Head To Toe, I have the pleasure of working with clients of every age, gender, and ethnicity. My clients include teens, professional women, athletes, brides, mothers, grandmothers (and, great-grandmothers!), professional men, fathers, grandfathers… you get the idea! And I’m thrilled when a client I’ve known since she (or he) was in high school brings her daughter or her granddaughter (or son or grandson!) to my spa for their first eyebrow wax, facial, or other skincare treatment.

After all, healthy habits that begin at an early age offer benefits that last a lifetime.

Today I want to share with you the story of two sisters, who make it a priority to pamper themselves and spend time talking and laughing with me at my spa.

Teddy and Rita are 97 and 91 years old, but you would probably guess they are decades younger than their years.

They attribute their beauty and “agelessness” to the treatment they receive at Head To Toe (bless them!), but the truth is that’s only part of the equation. Their attitudes, their optimism, their zest for life, all add to their youthful appearances.

Teddy and Rita have a routine that makes women half their ages – a third of their ages – wonder how they do it. They read a lot, crochet, treat themselves to regular massages, and participate in Tai Chi. And every month, they drive to Marietta from their home in Buckhead, treat themselves to lunch, and head over to my spa for monthly facials, skin care, and socializing.

Do you want to know the secret to living a long, beautiful, youthful life? It is this: stay active, recognize your beauty, and make yourself your number one priority.

Of course, scheduling a monthly facial at Head To Toe helps, too!

See you at the spa, Dah-ling!