Winter Skin Care at Head To Toe: It’s Poetic!

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Winter Skin Care at Head To Toe: It’s Poetic!

When the cold weather starts it’s bearable
But your skin starts to become unwearable
You’ll need all the tricks
For more than a quick fix
Because over-the-counter stuff’s terrible!

A med-spa day is all that you’ll need
For information that you’ll want to heed
To tell you the truth
It’s a fountain of youth
If it’s aging you wish to impede!

Arlene works miracles each day
To keep lines and wrinkles away
Injectables erase
Lines from your face
Regular facials keep aging at bay.

When deciding which products you’ll use
To cleanse or to smooth or diffuse
Deep into your skin
From your brow to your chin
It’s med-spa grade that you should choose.

With the winter season beginning soon
Don’t let heat turn your skin to a prune
Take care and hydrate
Call today – please don’t wait
To effects of time none are immune.

If you’re looking for your skin to glow
And for the passage of time not to show
We’ve got skin care for you
With injectables, too
Look your best when you visit Head To Toe!

Call (770) 973-7270 or email  

See you at the spa, Dah-ling!